The Taiga is the most widespread land-based climate on Wyrda, covering nearly 37percent of land by area. The taiga have trees such as various pines, spruces, and other coniferous trees. In lower elevation, where the Taiga meets the Temperate forests, aspens are prevalently mixed with pines.

Statistics Edit

area (sq. km) 7158879.5515
% total area 13.69
lowest elev. (m) 2173.0043
highest elev. (m) 5713.7808
median elev. (m) 1770.38825
average annual precipitation (cm) 1436
precipitation type rain, hail, sleet, snow
population approx. 7325423
species pershmgan, felucistani, lupanistani, human, aramani, dragon, barbarian, werefolk, slythani

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