The Pershmgan (Prrxmyna) are one of the four major sentient races of Abreston. Inhabiting the western portion of the continent, they are the most numerous and thus possess the most territory of all three two-legged races. Their language, Prrxmyn (puh-RESH-meh-ZHEE-ehn), is the basis for abreston's Common, and becomes the official language of the nonhumans in the modern and technological ages.

What is a Pershmgan? Edit

Pershmgans are a two-legged people that have a strong resemblence to many of the hoofed mammals found on Earth, specifically possessing traits of bovines, equines, goats, and alpacas. They have cloven hooves (two toes) on each foot, and are digitigrade in their legs, which means they possess a fourth major joint in the leg that allows for the leg to fold up further than simply three major joints. Their horns are curved around the ears much like those of a mountain goat or ram, and their ears are pointed and stand upright on the sides of the head. They generally have a sandy-blonde to dark brown or black fur color, and they possess mainly brown or gray eyes.

How big is a Pershmgan? Edit

A male Pershmgan averages about 8 feet (2.4 meters) in height as an adult, whereas females average about 7 feet (2.1 meters) in height. A male pershmgan will weigh about 225 pounds (102.58 kg), and a female weights about 175 lb (79.38 kg).

How long does a Pershmgan live? Edit

A pershmgan can live up to 120 or so years (118 earth years). A Pershmgan comes of age at 16 years, while they reach adolescence at 12 years. The oldest known Pershmgan historically died at the age of 124 years.

More information on Pershmgans will be provided as available.

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